Recruitment is an industry that boasts 30% of The Sunday Times best small companies to work for. However when it comes to embracing the concept of flexibility in the workplace, there are still many who are hesitant to change. 

Since June 2014 every employee is entitled to apply for flexible working. Depending on how this effects their teams, performance and the business as a whole. 

However in Recruitment and wider Sales it is common practice to be seen as more productive in the office than at home. 

I feel there are many pros and cons for either case. For example, being in the office creates are more vibrant and "buzzing" atmosphere. People establish bonding relationships which help produce a productive team environment. Where working from home in someway disconnects people from the day to day goings on.

That being said, with the emergence of meeting technology, video conferences, cloud based solutions and VoIP systems we are just as accessible remotely. Creating an agile work space where employees do not feel "chained to their desks" and able to be just as productive. 

At Aspire we promote flexibility but also value the sense of a collaborative team environment. Flexible working hours as well as remote access we very much embrace the need to offer a modern approach to Recruitment culture.