According to a 2016 study conducted by LinkedIn, Millennials change jobs four times or more before they turn 32. 

As recruiters, we hear candidates say these very often: 

"I don't feel fulfilled in my current job..." , "I've been with this company long enough; I'm not learning anything new anymore"  or "I am just ready for the next thing." after just 6 months. 

Instead of frantically seeking "that next job that will make everything alright", like this article, I'd advise you to focus on these three things to feel empowered and successful. 

1. Document Your Wins

No matter big or small, document your impact to the business. 

Don't think you have any wins? Start setting goals for yourself and achieve them. 

2. Team Achievements

How are you contributing to the success of your team? How are you helping your colleagues? Soft skills are important in all jobs! Are you a good listener, a skilful mediator or an irresistible persuader? 

3. Have Personal Interests and Projects

There are many people who can fulfil the skills required in a job. But you stand out by the unique combination of job skills, personalities and personal interest and network. Never underestimate the impact of investing in yourself! Always want to take that photography class or those driving lessons? Go for it! 

Confident about all of these above? Well done! You are ready for your next career challenge! Why don't you start by browsing some of the digital, media, marketing, tech and data opportunities we have!