WeChat and Weibo are impacting Chinese netizens' lives in leapfrog speed. 

Want to succeed in this social media craze in China? Experts have given 3 tips you cannot overlook. 

1. KOLs and no they are not for conversion

Ben Xu, Vice President of Weiboyi, said that the worst thing a brand can do is to constantly talk talk talk about themselves! Instead, let KOLs speak! 

Some die-hard followers will go the extra length of creating accounts to boost the number of their favourite KOLs. (don't worry, there are solutions!) 

2. Report Card: conversion or awareness?

“Some KOLs may have lower engagement rates, but their posts are shared at multiple levels," said Maggie Wang, VP, commercial and ecommerce of AdMaster said. 

For instance, during Singles' Day Sales, few consumers shared about the live-steaming by Tmall, but many were buying. 

So, what is important to you? 

3. Platform War

Did you even know mum and baby care products show better performance on Weibo and beauty products work better on WeChat?