I'll admit it - I have failed before, repeatedly. 

I was rejected from potential employers more times than I could remember, by people telling me I'm over-qualified, or under-qualified, and sometimes, both at the same time. 

All these nays and rejections made me ashamed of myself. I felt like my life was a lie and all the skills I once believed I had meant nothing. I believed I did not deserve a single chance in the work place. 

But I knew, deep down, that it wasn't true, and that I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I knew, there was no way but up and up I got. 

Fast-forward a few years to the present - I work in the recruitment industry and I see so many individuals, trying to regain their self-worth through their jobs. You can't help it but have your heart break a little for them. 

This article may be salt on your fresh wound, if you're hurting and recovering from a career failure, but it does ring some truth:

  • Don't let a failure break you 
  • Revisit your failure with new eyes
  • Learn from those who survived
  • Remember acceptance is key

And even though it sounds absolutely stupid and impossible to believe, I still say it to those who have experienced / are experiencing a career failure: 

This feeling of failure will eventually come to an end and you'll triumph on the day when you can look back and see how this experience has made you a much, much stronger person.