Underwhelmed in your workplace? Ready to throw in the towel? Securing a job can be a lengthy process, yet we can be quick to quit!

How do you know when to stay? If there are issues within your control, like certain duties in your job, you can always address these with your boss and try to re-define your role. Startups offer the advantage of shaping a position for employees based on their progress and passions. If unattractive factors such as a long commute or an irritating colleague are something you can overlook for the right role, then it's worth staying.

Toxic culture? Unstable company? Underpaid? If you answer yes to all of these then it's time to move on. Clock watching for weeks, feeling flat and unmotivated and dreading the thought of work signifies it's time to explore and see what options are out there.

As a recruiter Aspire offers more than market information and interview tips. We are also a sounding board able to offer advice to candidates at every stage of the process, even after they've started their new role. Many don't realise they are being undervalued.

Remember one thing, if you do leave, don't make the same mistake twice! Learn from previous roles, build on your experience and find what was missing.