Some companies are embracing doing interviews by text in the initial stages. I find this fascinating but called me old fashioned; I would much prefer a face to face interview or at least a phone call!

I see the benefits of text interviews - interviews can be more flexible; turnaround times can be quicker; the process can be more efficient and factors like time difference can be managed easily. However, I think it could mean good candidates are discounted because their written answers aren't good enough. I agree with Katrina Collier's arguments; in person or on a call you can show enthusiasm, confidence and spontaneity. A person doing a text interview could go away and do research on each question before they respond which takes away the authenticity of the interview. 

When I receive a good CV, the first thing I do is call and if I can't get through, I email to arrange a call. Personality is key to any role and a call can indicate early on whether the person has the right communication and soft skills. I certainly don't think text interviews would work in Hong Kong either. Languages can be so diverse and an easy way for me to grasp someone's ability in English (if it's important for my roles, which it usually is!), is to call and hear their confidence with the language. It is an interesting development and certainly shows progression in the digital age and a development in technology, however, I think human interaction will always triumph in recruitment!