Have you got a work wife or a work husband? No? Oh dear.

The figures don't lie - contrary to popular belief, employers don't want us chained to our desks for 9 hours; 70% of employers in fact say that friendship at work is great for business.

Regular breaks to have a sly gossip or chat about what you got up to the previous evening actually boost your productivity rather than destroy it. Just think how long you spend at work - longer than the time you spend with your friends, your family, even your spouse. Imagine that time spent not interacting with anyone, let alone making real friendships. Pretty bleak, huh? 

If a good chinwag with your work wife is one of the highlights of your day, you're pre-disposed to be more motivated to come to work in a good mood and crack on, knowing you have someone there to rely on if you need to vent or need advice. So next time you think of someone as 'just a colleague', keeping work and life separate, consider blurring the boundaries to improve your work and home life. Some of my best friends I've made through various jobs and they not only enriched my 9-5, but also my evenings and weekends over a cocktail or two.

Give it a go - you won't regret it. Now get back to work.