I come across the term 'energetic' several times a day from CV introductions and job requirements, but what does the word actually mean? Is it someone who can do 20 burpees on the spot without breaking a sweat, someone who is on a constant coffee high, or someone that is self motivated and uses their upbeat nature to influence others? The latter is the most relevant to a work environment, and the most desired!

The loudest person in the room, can be considered 'energetic' but just because they shout 'good morning' doesn't mean they're a morning person. I believe energy comes in the form of body language, facial expressions and interactions. It's simply a feeling we get instantly when we meet someone, measured as positive or negative, but how can we source and improve this intangible strength?

One is not born with an 'energetic' trait, so it's something you can work towards, with positivity at the foundations. My favourite energy source is feeding off other people! Take for example, your colleagues. Instead of emailing a question, if you sit down with them and ask them face to face, you can bounce off one another and instantly get a lift. Too tired to go the gym, or meet a friend? We are all guilty of cancelling plans and not following through, but 9 times out of 10 when we do fight to urge to bail, we feel far more energetic!

Yes we can follow all the necessary steps to feel at our best - good nights sleep, eating healthy, regular exercise, breaks throughout the day - but how sustainable is achieving all of that?! Do what works for you! As a big fan of endorphins, having seen the direct results of an early morning workout on my day, I have found my energy source. What is yours?