The job market like any other landscape in a free market economy, is driven predominantly by supply and demand.

Having worked in recruitment for the best part of a decade, I've witnessed the cycle of candidate droughts in the last quarter of every year, as people think that waiting until the new year is the best strategy for securing a new role.

As a result, what it means is those who do apply to roles later in the year, and are happy to attend interviews throughout November and December, are far better positioned than those waiting for when the market is much more competitive with more people actively looking or open to opportunities, and companies more reluctant to invest in headcount while tightening their purse strings ahead of the new financial year in April.

If you'd like to spend your Christmas break celebrating the next chapter about to start for you in the new year, rather than stressing about going back to your same old job, then be one of the savvy ones and start applying for roles now, and arrange a consultation with one of our market specialists.