Two landlords have been fined for illegally letting out properties in San Fransisco whose city laws require units to be registered with the council. The disturbing back story is that the landlords evicted tenants to rent out the properties on Airbnb at a higher profit. This, in turn, reduces affordable housing. Is this a case of the unintended consequences that tech disruption brings?  

  • Airbnb didn't mean for people to be evicted, they wanted people to be able to rent out spare rooms. 
  • Google didn't mean for Youtube to be a publisher of extreme ideologies and terrorism. 
  • Facebook didn't set out to create a platform that could be used by pedophiles for grooming.

Maybe tech companies have a duty to create a new type of job. Identifying how the tech could be used to harm society so that the architects can include better security on the build. Difficult when your eye is on the main objective.