Is Marketing undergoing an image crisis or was it just never on most people's radar?

A recent article in Marketing Week showed that when asked, most people really didn't know what a job in marketing involves. For those that did guess, it was so closely aligned with sales that it was indistinguishable as it's own profession.

Having worked in marketing for nearly 10 years now, I didn't ever consider it as a career until a post-graduation recession job search directed me to think outside of the box and use my skills in a way I'd never considered. 

And I'm so glad it did. 

From marketing brands to high profile events, working in print or purely digital, there are so many ways that marketing can deliver a gratifying career. 

For anyone looking to use their creativity, communication skills, decision making and analytical skills while satisfying a thirst to keep learning new trends and ways of communicating, then marketing is well worth finding out more about.

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