Starting a new job can indeed be daunting - especially if it's your first career role out of university. 

My advice is to remember that THEY CHOSE YOU! Most graduate roles will have over 100 applicants and you managed to beat out all that competition and secure the role because the employer felt you were the best fit in terms of both personality, skill-set and potential.

So take confidence in that and show your eagerness by doing the following:

  • Arrive 10 minutes earlier than expected - but no more than that!)
  • Make notes - lots of notes, so you don't forget any important information
  • Ask questions! As many questions as you want - but not the same one multiple times
  • Be enthusiastic - show interest in what you are learning, the people you are meeting and all aspects of the role that is in store
  • Stay off your phone (you aren't being paid to scroll Instagram!)

Good luck - you'll do brilliantly!