The other day I got into a debate with my friend about the future of work, and what impact technology is going to have on ours jobs. His view is that technology is advancing so quickly it will have an effect on most jobs, even in the near/mid-term future. My view is that certain industries, such as recruitment, rely so heavily on interpersonal skills and building relationships that it's difficult for me to see how technology could massively impact this. 

But developments like this do help to open the mind to what is possible and how recruitment might look in the future. I guess that anything that makes it easier to find the right candidate for the job should be welcomed by recruiters and candidates alike.

The robot in the article only goes as far as providing a written transcript of a “robotic interview”, which arguably doesn’t add a huge amount of value to a hiring manager (if they care about both hard and soft skills). But maybe it is only a matter of time before machines can also use algorithms to compute aspects like personality compatibility, and provide a comprehensive assessment of a candidate.

We’re a long way from being comfortable interacting with robots, so this idea feels unnatural and impersonal, but as technology advances surely solutions like this will become more and more mainstream. And I may have to look for a new job…