The most painful thing that EVERY recruiter goes through... "the client hasn't gotten back to me".

There are many articles slamming lazy recruiters, but I’m not one, so you kind of have to read this.

Time and time again, I am sitting with a client taking a brief and this is how the conversation goes:

Me: "So when do you need this person to start?"

Client: "Yesterday, it's so urgent!"

Me: "Okay, so if I send you CV's this week I will get feedback straight away?"

Client: "Yes sure, just drop me a WhatsApp if I don't respond within a day"

CV goes out a day or 2 after the meeting... crickets...

I cannot emphasize enough how fast you need to move in making new hires. Especially in Singapore, where everyone wants/needs to hire a Permanent Resident or Citizen so they can get MOM (Ministry of Manpower) off their back.

Particularly with Digital Design and UX UI, we are in a candidate-short market or what I like to call the design drought.

Don't get me wrong, the whole hiring process doesn't need to be rushed. Take time to interview your candidate by all means, spend a good one hour and make it an interactive piece.

However, you must move fast with schedules and feedback because if they are a hot candidate, I can assure you their CV is sitting with 10 other hiring managers (and if you are unlucky, it's a start-up that is going to move fast and get an offer out within 2 weeks of the 1st interview).

Create a system and interview process for specific roles and have your staff put time aside in their diary especially for interviews. Not just 15 minute chats about what they do in their free time, but a good 1 hour covering their portfolio and achievements etc. Save the 15 minute wrap up to get to know them and see if there is a mutual culture fit.

This article shares more about why hiring faster is absolutely essential for your business. 

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