If you don't have one - get with the times and introduce one ASAP! But how do you make it truly flexible, without employees feeling restricted still? 

A massive number of businesses are introducing flexible working policies and adopting various approaches to this. I'd love to compare! 

We typically allow up to 2 hours flexibility in a day based on a normal 9am-6pm work day. For example, if you want to start at 9am and leave at 4pm, you need to make up the 2 extra hours within a week. This also means employees can leave early for flights on a Friday easily and plan around any personal appointments. In some cases, we also allow remote working and working from home twice a month. 

If you work in a sales team environment, it is still important to have a good team vibe and people in the office, so sometimes your policy will depend on the nature of your role. If you aren't adopting this approach and shouting about it yet, why not? If you have a flexible working policy, do you encourage it, or is it brushed under the carpet?