McCann Worldgroup Deutschland recently launched 3 print adverts for L'Oréal Paris, calling for more women in leadership.

McCann teamed up with L'Oreal and conducted research which revealed that a staggering 91.4% of board executives are male.

They continued with research efforts around women in leadership in Germany and their results show that women were actually better leaders overall and produced better results in comparison to their male counterparts.

For example, their research efforts revealed that when women make up 30% of management roles, German companies had a significant profitability increases of 15%.

They also found out that females executives performed 24% better in their reviews.

To make a point, and a damn good one if I do say so myself, McCann created these adverts and to make it even more impactful, they directed the adverts to men!

Coming from an office of extremely powerful, hardworking and dedicated women who are also leaders, this article speaks volumes and we need more of this.