Whilst the below statistic is based on internal recruiters or talent acquisition teams, the same is most likely true of agency recruiters in addition.

How much do they really know about the businesses they are representing to prospective employees? Are they 'selling' it the right way and really positioning the brand in all its glory?

It's important to note that a lot of the responsibility for this falls with the client or employer themselves. I'm often amazed at how many clients will refuse to meet recruiters or invest time ensuring they are fully briefed on an opportunity and all the brilliant strands that make the business itself a fantastic place to work. Without this, we are going to the market blind. Without the ammunition that we need to paint a beautiful, watercolour image of just how brilliant your business is as a destination employer.

If Aspire had a tagline it would be our mantra, "only when all parties are truly committed do you get the best results" - and that all starts with our clients seeing the value in spending the time to ensure we are the best brand ambassadors that we can be. 

Maybe bear that in mind next time you think you don't have enough time to fully brief a recruiter - you might just be making that process a lot longer and more painful than it needs to be! Let us take away that pain...and buy you a coffee and croissant in the process!