One of the oldest questions in the book and yet, still people find it the hardest to answer 'Tell me about yourself' because it is so vague. 

So we ask ourselves, what is it that the employer wants to hear? 

Think prior to them even meeting you... they would have acknowledged a gap in their team either for new skills or a particular project. 

They would also have considered what the ideal person would be or have to fit into that gap perfectly. 

Think about that. 

How? Well, the clues are in a few things. Start with the job description - all those required skills you need to tick box to move on, and those desirable - well, if you provide these you may hit the tipping scale for the employer wanting to offer you the job over other candidates. 

I guess what we're saying here is... it's fine to mention the experience you've built, it's fine to say the big life changes you've been through as long they are quick-fire, well-executed answers to match what the employers looking for. 

The next time you're asked, 'Tell me a about yourself' consider what the listener is waiting to hear and sell yourself as if they've actually asked - 'Why should I give you the job?'