It goes without saying that the culture of a company will have a massive impact on how you feel, and consequently, how you're likely to perform in your job. 

This Harvard Business Review article suggests a few things you could ask and do before your first days which, to me, seem rather similar to when you meet someone new. You may have some expectations, and you'll want to know whether this workplace can suit...

How many of you tell your friends about someone who caught your eye and get their opinion? When considering a new company, there's nothing stopping you from asking others what they think of the firm you're thinking of joining too.

Do you vet the person on social media or do a google search, and maybe even check them out on LinkedIn or see if they are on dating sites? Silly question right? The internet is at the mercy of your fingertips, so look them up.

The article also suggests asking your prospective boss some alternative questions about the future, and your future at said company. If someone you were dating turned out to have the opposite life goals or principles than you, it can be a little off-putting right?

Lastly, you'll want to know that this person (company) will support you in your growth, health and wealth. In the same way, don't forget about the perks outside your salary. Well-being at work is highly desirable by many - ensure you look out for the benefits!

Don't be afraid to have these expectations, they make you who you are and they'd be lucky to have you. Workplaces are changing, and businesses are making changes to grab your attention, and keep you. The Workplace Trends report demonstrates this pretty well. 

The Workplace Trends Report