Every company on the planet is pushing some form of content towards their target audience. The vast majority of these are now doing this through digital mediums, which allows thousands of people to view and assess your product in seconds.

More and more, however, we are seeing companies invest in content as more than simply another way to display your product or service in fun or creative ways. Instead, it is a channel for bringing in more revenue, and it increasingly appears as if content monetisation is the future.

What, we might ask, is the cause for the sudden interest in content monetisation? It is clearly another revenue stream, but more importantly, it is a way of generating revenue to fund other marketing activities. Content monetisation, which takes places largely on social media, is a relatively cheap and profitable way to reach countless people, especially in a world where the fragmentation of audiences has resulted in higher advertising costs.

Furthermore, in easily reaching so many people, monetised content such as adverts or sponsored posts also allow you to build better relationships with both new and pre-existing customers through often targeted, high-quality content.

OK, so content monetisation is great. But what is the big difference between content marketing & content monetisation? To be successful in making money directly from your content, you need to:

• Create captivating content!

• Be creative and knowing what your audience wants to see.

• Engage with your customer's ongoing bases.

• Choose the right content distribution platforms ( avoid costly mistakes)

Remember, above all, customer engagement is key to success in content monetisation!!